School Calendar

School Closures Year 2020-2021
School commences: re-opening Thursday 27th August.
October Midterm: closing Friday 23rd October,  re-opening Monday 2nd November.
Christmas: closing Wednesday 23rd December, re-opening Tuesday 5th January.
February Midterm: closing Wednesday 17th February, re-opening  Monday 22nd February.
March: closing Tuesday 16th March, re-opening Thursday 18th March.
Easter: closing Friday 26th March, re-opening Monday 12th April.
May: closing Friday 30th April, re-opening Monday 10th May.

June: closing Friday 4th June, re-opening Tuesday 8th June.
Summer holidays: closing  Friday 25th June.

These dates are subject to change.


School Closures Year 2019-2020

School commences: re-opening Thursday 29th August.
October Midterm: closing Friday 25th October,  re-opening Monday 4th November.
November: closing Wednesday 27th November for Staff training on Primary Language Curriculum

Christmas: closing Friday 20th December, re-opening Monday 6th January.
February Midterm: closing Wednesday 19th February, re-opening  Monday 24th February.
March: closing Friday Monday 16th March, re-opening Wednesday 18th March.
Easter: closing Friday 3rd April, re-opening Monday 20th April.
May: closing Friday 1st May, re-opening Tuesday 5th May.

June: closing Friday 29th May, re-opening Tuesday 2nd June.
Summer holidays: closing  Thursday 25th June.

These dates are subject to change.