School Information

School Starts at 9:20am.
Junior Infants & Senior Infants finish school at 2:00pm.
1st Class - 6th Class finish school at 3:00pm.
There is a short break at 10:20am (Infants to 2nd Class) and 10:40am (3rd to 6th Class).
Lunch break is at 12:20pm (Infants to 2nd Class) and 12.40 (3rd to 6th Class).
Please Note: Parents are responsible for their children outside school hours.
Children are formally supervised in the school and its grounds from 9:10am - 3:00pm.
(Official school times only)

Coole National School Staff

  • Ms. Lisa Doyle (Prinicipal)  4th Class Teacher 
  • Ms. Louise Cassidy (Deputy Principal)  5th and 6th Class Teacher
  • Ms. Cathy Carberry Junior Infants Teacher
  • ​Ms. Katie Mc Dermott Senior Infants and 1st Class A Teacher.
  • Ms. Jennifer Weldon  1st class B and 2nd Class Teacher
  • Ms. Máire Mc Cormack  3rd Class Teacher.
  • Ms. Mary McHale Special Education Teacher
  • Ms. Emer Kelly Special Education Teacher 
  • Ms. Kim Prendergast Special Education Teache ( Shared)
  • Ms. Claire Brady, SNA.
  • Ms. Carol Reilly, SNA
  • Ms. Colette Brogan, School Secretary.