Parent and Teacher Communication

Positive Communication

Good communication is essential to maintaining a positive working and learning environment. Creating an atmosphere of mutual respect in a happy, caring and supportive environment means that people feel included, consulted and informed. This requires that we use a variety of channels of communication so as to ensure that the relevant people receive the necessary information.

Communicating with parents is central to maintaining a positive approach to dealing with children. Parents and teachers should develop a joint strategy to address specific difficulties, in addition to sharing a broader philosophy which can be implemented at home and in school.

A high level of co-operation and open communication is seen as an important factor encouraging positive behaviour in the school. Structures and channels designed to maintain a high level of communication among staff and between staff, pupils and parents have been established and are being reviewed regularly. Parents are encouraged to talk in confidence to teachers about any significant developments in a child’s life (in the past or present), which may affect the child’s behaviour.

The following methods of communication are to be used within the school: 

•  Informal parent/teacher meetings
•  Formal annual parent/teacher meetings
•  Through children’s homework journal (Infants do not have a homework journal, please check bags for notes)
•  Letters/notes from school to home and from home to school
•  Aladdin notice board messages
•  Newsletters/school web-site/e-mails
•  Annual end of year reports