School Self Evaluation



September 2018 – June 2019

Since September, we have looked at teaching and learning in creative writing in our school to find out what we are doing well and what we could do better. This is what we discovered:


-Children enjoy creative writing and have positive attitudes to their work in this area.

-They enjoy writing stories and sharing their work with their peers and others.

-Children are achieving good standards in creative writing across the school, particularly in the genres of narrative and recount writing.

-Strong initiatives to promote creative writing are taking place individually across the different classes.

Areas of improvement:

-Whole school focus on writing genres other than narrative and recount (1 genre per term across the school).

-More whole school initiatives for promoting creative writing and the sharing of creative writing with different audiences to motivate children further and give purpose to their writing.

-Further information to parents about what children are working on in creative writing and how they are getting in order to enable parents to support creative writing initiatives at school.

– Monthly assembly awards to celebrate creative writing efforts in all classes.


This is what we did to find out what we were doing well, and what we could do better:

– Two children from each year group were selected to take part in a focus group where they were asked questions to ascertain their views, thoughts and opinions on creative writing; how it is taught in our school and how well they think they are doing. They gave suggestions and opinions about what is going well and what could be improved.

– The parents of all 16 children in the focus groups were asked to complete a parental questionnaire to give their views and opinions in relation to the areas of teaching and learning in creative writing in our school.

– All classes undertook a free writing task to assess the range of writing genres being represented across the school.

– Children were assessed in their free writing task against the progression continua for writing in the Primary Language Curriculum.

– Staff discussions and reflections took place during staff meetings about the strengths and areas for improvement in the areas of teaching and learning in creative writing.

These are the targets we will be working on:

1) There will be a whole school focus on 3 new writing genres by the end of the Summer term 2019. All classes will engage with the same writing genre at the same time.

2) Monthly assembly certificates will be awarded to children to celebrate creative writing achievements linked to the current whole school writing genre. These children’s creative writing pieces will be displayed for the whole school to read.

3) Information will be communicated via email to parents by the class teachers each term about the current whole school writing genre in focus and what parents can do to support children’s creative writing at home.

This is what you can do to help:

– Access the information communicated by teachers via email each term.

-Follow the ideas given by teachers each term as to how children can engage at an age appropriate level with their writing genre at home by reading examples written by others and writing their own.